My goal is to make my pictures as natural and genuine as possible so that in the years to come they will become timeless. When I look back at my own wedding pictures it’s the real moments frozen in time that are most precious and their significance grows stronger with each passing year.

For most of the day I will simply take pictures of you and your guests, the venue and some details and decorations that you have lovingly designed. 

Observing not intruding.

For the couple portraits I prefer to ‘borrow’ you for a very short while when there’s a natural transition between the different chapters of your day. I find this works really well to ensure you spend the time with your guests having fun and not with me! Similarly with any group pictures couples typically want, to make sure these run smoothly and take as little time as possible we will draw up a list before the day along with a rough schedule for the day which helps me to co-ordinate the shots and make the best use of the time available.

After the wedding I back up all the files, select and edit the pictures which are then individually adjusted for colour and exposure before being processed from a RAW file (digital negative) to two sets of JPEGS; high resolution for printing and lower resolution for internet sharing and computer viewing. The finished files are transferred onto a USB stick and delivered to the client in a personalised presentation case.

When the day is over your memories and your pictures are what you are left with. I’ve found couples invest in me because they want to get on and enjoy their day trusting in me to get the pictures that matter.


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Are you insured?

Yes I have public liability insurance.


How long will you stay on the day of our wedding?

I arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony begins with enough time to photograph the bridal preparations, groom if feasible and other details. I’ll stay with you until roughly an hour after the first dance. I appreciate timings can change and I prefer to be flexible rather than working to a specific number of hours.


How many photographs will we receive?

I will take thousands of shots throughout the day to allow for blinking eyes and ensure I get the best expressions. I edit these down to between 350-500 of the best pictures.


Who will edit the photographs and do you retouch them?

I edit every picture individually to get the sharpness, exposure and colours at their best.  I always shoot raw files (a digital negative) not jpegs like many photographers do, giving me much more control over the finished image and ensures the longevity of each digital file.


What happens if it rains?

I like to worry about the things we can change and not the things we can’t! If it does rain we will make the best of it. Rain can create beautiful soft light and amazing reflections and umbrellas can add some lovely shapes to the images too.


What about backing up our photographs?

The first thing I do when I get back from a wedding is to back up all the pictures. I keep them stored in two places and your online gallery will stay live for up to two years after the wedding.


What camera equipment do you use?

I use Canon and Fuji cameras with professional lenses which unlike cheaper lenses are much more versatile coping with extreme lighting conditions and the clarity and sharpness is superb. I love the Fuji as the quality is fabulous and it also has a silent shutter which means there's no distracting shutter noise during the quiet intimate parts of your day. You literally won't hear a thing.


What happens if your camera breaks?

This has never happened to me yet (touch wood!) I carry two professional cameras with interchangeable lenses so if one fails I've always got a back up.


What happens if you’re ill?

This has never happened to me yet (touch wood again!) but I do have a network of trusted photographers I can call on including my husband who is also a super talented photographer. We have shot many weddings together over the years when a second shooter has been required.


Do we need to feed you?

I'll always say yes to food! I don't expect you to feed me but I'm always grateful if you do as I am on my feet for the best part of 12 hours. If you'd rather I bring my own food just let me know in advance so I can make sure I remember to bring something. 


What experience do you have?

I have been a professional photographer for 15 years. My background is press, pr and features photography before moving into wedding photography. I've also worked with different disciplines including 35mm film, medium format and 5x4 plate cameras, developing and printing my own work in the dark room. I've shot 100s of weddings in the UK, Europe and Australia. Before I focused all my energies on wedding photography my clients included Guardian Weekend magazine, Channel 4 and Sainsburys.


When will we receive our photos?

There is a 4 week turnaround time after the wedding day.


How do we book?

If we can I like to meet you face to face before you make your decision. However if you're too far away or its just not feasible we can always Skype or Facetime. If you do want to go ahead, first of all thank you and secondly I will send you an online form to complete, there's also a booking fee of £300 to secure your date.


When do we pay?

I ask for payment in full 4 weeks before the wedding.


Can we pay in instalments?

Yes of course whatever works best for you, provided I have received full payment 4 weeks before the wedding.