Is it worth the money? Yes absolutely!  I confess that after my own wedding most of our pictures lay dormant on my computer but in the back of my mind there was always a doubt. Would they stand the test of time being stored digitally with technology changing so quickly? I'm so glad we did invest in an album.

The sense of occasion each time we look at it and to see our son’s face light up as he pores over each picture asking endless questions is pure joy. There’s something truly magical about holding a beautiful album in your hands, it invokes conversation and brings back all the memories and emotions.


Our album is now a precious piece of our legacy that we treasure and know we can pass on to our son and to his children. Its a tangible connection with the past and I know it won’t become redundant as the technology changes or the passwords get lost. It truly is an investment to share both now and with future generations of our family.

I believe its important to offer high quality albums and I have chosen to work with Folio who produce beautiful albums in the North of England using sustainably sourced materials and recycled materials wherever possible. There’s a choice of two different page styles and a variety of different colours of leather or fabric covers. If you choose to have an album it will be unique to you and designed to suit your wedding day and your individual taste.

Prices start from £500.